Le Boudoir 
Loyalty Club

Elevate Your Blowout Game to a  Personalized Playground!

At Le Boudoir, we understand the power of feeling beautiful and confident. 

Le Boudoir has spent eight years making blowout experiences an absolute blast for our clients. We've listened, laughed, and learned what you truly crave when it comes to your hair. Our goal? To make feeling gorgeous an everyday treat!

With the Le Boudoir Loyalty Club, we're giving a huge high-five to all our loyal fans. We're rewarding you for every visit and purchase, and we've whipped up a program that takes the guesswork out of looking fabulous. Get ready to feel amazing all day, every day!

Join us on this journey, where every visit and purchase is a step towards 
a more beautiful, confident you.

It's time to pamper yourself and take charge of your glam game—all with a snap of your fingers!

Choose Your Level of Glam with Le Boudoir's Loyalty Program Tiers

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Glam Your Way 

Free To Join 

  • Access to the Glam Wallet 
  • Earn fabulous rewards with every visit, making your self-care journey even more enjoyable!

Glam Toujours 

Plans between $35 and $160

  • Capture incredible value with up to 40% off on all services, transforming self-care into a true delight!
  • Experience the ease of automatic Glam Wallet refills, streamlining your beauty routine for a truly flawless self-care experience.
  • Enjoy the luxury of priority scheduling and the option to choose your preferred stylist
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts on retail products and styling tools
  • Enjoy the flexibility of complimentary cancellation passes
  • Hair Affair Parties discounts
  • Access to exclusive private group



  • Exclusive to just 100 members per location
  • Indulge in the luxury of unlimited classic blowouts each month
  • Enjoy all Other Glam Toujours Perks